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Beijing Trip 2012 [Day 0]

Giant architectures. Thousand steps. Laughter. Discovery. Sign language. Scorching heat. Rain. Vegetarian food. Lots of crazy moments. Pictures.

These are just some of the words to describe our photo-finish trip to Beijing, China’s capital. It was fun learning, discovering, and figuring things out, and it was one of my memorable trips.

The story begins with that groupon last year, and off we go to Beijing =)

Day 0 – Arrival at Beijing

Finally! After weeks of going around for our visa application, we finally got our visa in the morning of our departure (yes, spell ultimate cramming). When Jaycee called to inform me that he got our visa, I was officially excited!

[Lesson] Double-check your things because you wouldn’t want to forget one of the most important things in traveling –your camera! yes, I almost cried when I realized that I left Snappy (my SLR’s name). I felt incomplete! It was my first time to travel without Snappy, but since the traffic was not good, I can’t risk going back to get it =(

This will be the time my Samsung Galaxy S2 and Jaycee’s iphone‘s chance to prove themselves in imaging =)

while waiting for our flight – dinner at Kenny Rogers at the airport

[June 29, 1am] After around 4hrs of the flight, We arrived in Beijing. It was raining hard, but I’m excited.

We met our tour guide, Alex, and we were dropped off to our hotel. The receptionist doesn’t speak english well, good thing Alex was there to check us in. We got Room 6642.

Hotel Name – Tiantian Holiday Hotel
Location – Wanshou Rd., Beijing

Our Hotel Room

In fairness to our hotel, the bathroom is clean (my concern in most hotels), it has hair blowdryer, hot and cold shower, and clean towels 🙂

Our room has two single beds, with sleep-inducing lights, and control switches just in the bedside. The corridors though smells of smoke.

our room slippers =)

We slept at almost 3am, looking forward to our first day in Beijing.


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