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Beijing Trip 2012 [Day 2 – Temple of Heaven]

Our first stop (yes, on our own, without our tour guide) is the Temple of Heaven. This is just right across the tea store.

We were a bit excited to explore, and discover things on a foreign land with just sign language on hand =)

The Temple of Heaven was also huge, and there were also a lot of people. The heat was much more scorching, and there were buraot moments for me because I really don’t like being under the sun for so long.

jaycee was trying to help me cheer up by taking lots of pictures of me, as i started to feel the scorching heat, and empty tummy (no lunch yet by this time)

Instead of focusing on the hot weather, we enjoyed the scenery and took a lot of pictures.

the hall of prayer for good harvests (abundance, yeahboy!)

before lunch – super hungry and tired from walking 🙂

tired but smiling

my antidote to pagod and headache =)

We discovered that it is also in fact a typical park, where people spend time with their families and friends playing Sipa (yes, older people were playing Sipa and they were enjoying!), “trumpo”, or singing.

We joined the relaxed atmosphere by taking pictures at almost every spot =)


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