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Beijing Trip 2012 [Day 2 – Part 1]

On our second day in Beijing, we were excited as much as the first day. I woke up at 5am and was disoriented because the sun was already up and about! After sleeping again, Jaycee was finally waking me up (for real) at 8am and we started to prepare for another adventure-full day 🙂

Breakfast was pretty much the same (all-veggies) but knowing I had to eat decent breakfast, I ate a lot of noodles and watermelon.

Our tour guide was there at 9am, and off we go to our first stop.

Jaycee and our tour guide, while waiting for me

First Stop: Tiananmen Square

– The sun was really really up at 9am, and unlike the first day (cloudy and drizzling), I had my ever reliable umbrella up and about. It was super hot!

Tiananmen Square

– The square very huge city square at the heart of Beijing. According to Alex, our tour guide, this is where Mao officially proclaimed the Republic of China. And with this I rememebered how poor I was in History =P

– Tiananmen Square is very famous and people were all around that we cannot even find an empty spot good for pictures. There were seemingly unending queues everywhere!

– There are a lot of gates before we reached the Forbidden City. Alex was blabbering about the Forbidden City where during the old times, only the Emperor’s family and relatives are allowed to enter.

Second Stop: The Forbidden City

– It was a loooong walk in the square before we actually reached the Forbidden City. Even with the hot weather, there were lots of people!

– We saw the emperors’ abode back then, and marveled at the historical and beautiful architecture of the place.

not yet ready =P

three-hundred-year-old trees

– After a seemingly unending series of gates in the Forbidden City, we finally reached the exit!

Our next destination is the Tea store near the Temple of Heaven.

This will be our final stop for the tour, and yes, we will have our free time (in short, we will be our own thereafter).

I really enjoyed in the tea factory because we were able to see and taste all kinds of tea. It was even prepared for us in cute tea cups!

1. Oolong Tea – tastes sweet, this is one of my favorites
2. Black Tea with Lychee
3. Pure Tea – takes years to produce, the longer it is, the more it tastes good
4. Flower Tea – an example is jasmine, we were shown how it bloomed in the water!

flower tea

5. Fruit Tea – tastes like fruit juice, we even ate the “tea”
6. Green Tea


After that, we bid goodbye to our tour guide as the afternoon and the day after would be our free day (no more tour guide).

We would be on our own from here on! ‘

Good luck to us =)


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