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Beijing Trip 2012 [Last Day – Side Trip to Tianjin]

This is our last day in Beijing, and we were up as early as at 8am to pack our things and get ready for the day.

We planned and decided this will be a day of exploration, hence our next destination will be Tianjin, a city just outside Beijing.

Italian District, Tianjin

After breakfast, we checked out and left our things in the luggage service of the hotel. It as as hot as the previous day, so we made sure to buy water in a nearby supermarket to refill our water bottles.I have read prior our trip that Tianjin is a nice side trip when in Beijing, and it would take a bullet train ride to go there (hence, i was more excited because i’ve never tried a bullet train before).

One good thing in our hotel is its convenient location, which is just 2 blocks way from the subway. Armed with the instructions I got from our Chinese friend back in the Philippines (thanks Ryan!), we started our way to Beijing South station, where the ticket office and terminal for the Tianjin trip.


When we got to Beijing South terminal, we immediately saw the ticketing office. And then our real adventure began. we were at lost! Almost nothing is in English, we can’t talk to anyone because they don’t know English, and we cannot understand anything in any of the the information boards.

Jaycee and I were so frustrated, and I was starting to panic. In my efforts to calm myslef and not to show Jaycee that I’m already panicking (he’s as stressed as me), I was able to finish a pack of Skittles (which should be my baon in the train) in 10minutes! =P

After different attempts of understanding Chinese–from trying a failed phone call using a payphone to using a translator application in iPhone–we decided to just proceed to the ticket counter and bahala na.

Jaycee thought of showing the Chinese translation of ‘Tianjin’ to the girl…and voila! she understood, yey!!! 🙂 She asked for our passports and the tcikets seemed right because it’s the same price (55 yuan) as what was told us by our friend Shewan who went to Tianjin just 2 weeks ahead of us.

Next challenge was to find the terminal JUST MINUTES before the time in the ticket, it’s just within 10minutes! After a few minutes of figuring out, we finally saw the train bullet gate, wooohoo!!

AT TIANJIN (finally!)

Finally we were at the bullet train. Nice first time experience, awesome speed. =)

When we arrived at Tianjin, we got bought a map (1o yuan), and planned our destinations while eating lunch at KFC.

Note that we don’t have any pictures at this time because we were so stressed figuring things out (again), super init, and we had to make sure that we know our way back to the train station in time for 6PM trip back to Beijing.

The map helped us tell the taxi driver where to go. We just pointed the Chinese translation of our first stop–the Italian District, (Italian Street Town) in Tianjin.

dolls for sale

Jaycee enjoying the cobblestones

Starbucks at Tianjin 😉

Italian Architecture in China

The place was really Italian, and we saw couples having a romantic wedding pictures there 🙂 There is Starbucks as well.

Jaycee figuring out our next stop using the Tianjin map. Good thing he has sense of direction–because I don’t! 🙂

flowers at Italian District

Italian-inspired artwork

one of the many wedding pre-nup shooting around Italian District

It is so hot though that I’m so buraot to cross Bei-an bridge. I was telling Jaycee–parang Nagtahan Bridge lang naman yan sa Pilipinas–in my efforts to convince him not to walk in the bridge under the scorching sun. Anyway, we still walked there and took pictures (under the sun!).

We  were looking for famous food street, but we failed. And so we decided to enjoy the rest of the afternoon walking around Heping District shopping area and went back to the train station for our trip back to Beijing.

Jaycee was not feeling well while waiting for our train, and needs hot coffee. It took us a lot of effort to be able to order HOT COFFEE — no english even in the menu!

At 6PM, we were back in Beijing. Jaycee took pictures of me at the ticket counters as remembrance of how we panicked that morning on how to get tickets 🙂

Despite our crammed schedule, we managed to drop by at Wangfungjing market, known for it’s street food area, on our way back to the hotel. We just have to! In all our domestic and international trips, Jaycee and I always enjoy food trips–especially the local and street foods. And we have to complete our Beijing trip here 🙂 But I only ate the caramelized grapes, since the others are..well..a bit eewwish 🙂

happiness = street food 🙂

street market

After Wangfungjing, we were cramming to buy some candies and chocolates in a nearby supermarket just across our hotel for our pasalubong. I sooo love this supermarket, it kept me satisfied with the chichiria and candies.

At 9PM, we got our luggage from the hotel reception, and we were on our way to the airport for our flight back to the Philippines.

checking-in for our flight back

It was a fun, tiring, and very adventurous trip 🙂 It tested our patience, and I’m glad Jaycee had one to put up with my bouts of buraot-ness especially when I get hungry or tired.

Thank you Lord for the safe, fun, and memory-full trip 🙂 I’m looking forward our next travel!


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