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[SummerSeoul] South Korea Trip 2013 – Take 2!

Two years ago, I first got a feel of a freezing cold Seoul. We toured for 5 days, while I struggled to keep myself warm (though I was wearing layers and layers of winter clothes!). Unfortunately, we were a big group then, so I didn’t have much a say on when we should stay indoors or not. Since then, I looked forward on visiting Seoul on a different season.

With Gangnam Style, Gentleman, and Gwiyomi all over the Philippines, what would be a better timing to go back to Seoul!

And yes, this time–SUMMER it is 🙂

Travel Date: June 7-12, 2013 (Friday – Wednesday)


Sharing here unedited pics (too many pictures, all the three of us have cameras!), Jaycee Vincent’s DIY itinerary (he’s already an expert in creating our travel itineraries–i just give him my tour preferences and he arranges the schedule and itinerary based on my inputs), and personal suggestions for the trip.

Note that we have not included any famous theme parks in South Korea in our itinerary, since we are not really fond of rides. We opted instead to walk and walk and walk (lots of!), and explore, see, feel, hear, and taste Seoul.

It was a fun, fun trip! Hoping to come back in Seoul again 🙂



Day 1 (June 7)

Day 2 (June 8) –

Day 3 (June 9) –

Day 4 (June 10)  –

Day 5 (June 11)  –

Day 6 (June 12)  –


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