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[SummerSeoul] South Korea Trip – Day 2

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Day 2 – Hongik University-Myeongdong-Nandaemun-NamsanTower

    • This is our first day of going around Seoul, and we were so excited. Thanking God for a sunny day!
    • We took subway to go to Hongik University Station.
    • We had breakfast at a Korean restaurant near the university. I had a difficult time deciding what to order because there is no english menu! But i was so satisfied with the beef and rice that i got, perfect 🙂
finally able to order something..yummy breakfast!

finally able to order something..yummy breakfast!

  • `We walked around to look for Trick Eye Museum near the area. It took us more than an hour in the museum! There were illusion and paintings that can trick one’s eyes, as if the ‘scenarios’ were real 🙂

1-DSCN0130     1-DSCN0120

  • My favorite shots are the shark-whale painting (feeling Jonah from the Bible), reversed ceiling illusion/painting where i looked liked a gymnast, and the painting where i got nice wings! 🙂











  • Looked around the Saturday Free Market at Hongkik area. The free market showcases arts and crafts, and the artworks are very interesting. Korean creativity is very consistent 🙂


  • We dropped by a cat cafe in the same area. I really loved cats, but since i didn’t have Won money left (foreign exchange offices are closed since it’s a Saturday), i just took a picture outside the cafe.
  • A few blocks later is Hello Kitty Cafe! It’s full of Hello Kitty stuff, even table napkins and water pitcher has the cute pink kitty picture.


  • We have to looked for money exchange, so we went to Myeongdong shopping area. This sort of ruined our planned itinerary, but we have no choice. I was super excited to go shopping.


  • And then in the midst of clothes, bags, and shoes galore, i got my nicest bonus of all — Lily Cat Cafe in Myeongdong! 🙂 Since only me would go in, i left Jaycee and Chino and took my time with the cutest furballs all around the tables and floor.
  • The felines were busy sleeping, eating, and sleazing around, i got my picture-purrfect shots 🙂 Entrance fee at Lily Cafe (cat section) is 10,000 won, with any drink of your choice. My companions were allowed to stay in a separate area while waiting for me, long as they ordered a drink 🙂 But this deserves a separate blog post, since the cats are too cute!!


  • I bought on sale blouses, both at 2000 won each. Yey!
  • We went to Nandaemun for more shopping areas. Here i bought 1 pack of ‘rocky’ chocolates that we brought as pasalubong when we first visited Korea years back.
  • We were too tired! But at 7pm, the sun is still up and about.
  • We went to Namsan Seoul Tower. The queue is overwhelming and nakakaburaot! Too much tourists here.
Namsan Seoul Tower

Namsan Seoul Tower

  • Went back to hotel area for dinner (same as last night).
after a "walk-full" day, walking back to our hotel to look for a place to eat dinner.

after a “walk-full” day, walking back to our hotel to look for a place to eat dinner.


Time Activity Cost (Won)
7:00:00 Breakfast 10000
9:00:00 Train from Euljiro-3-ga to Hongik University Station 1150
Explore Hongik University
10:00:00 Explore TrickEye Museum 13000
12:00:00 Lunch around Hongik University 10000
13:00:00 Explore Hongik Free Market
14:30:00 Train from Hongik University to City Hall 1150
15:00:00 Explore City Hall
Seoul City Plaza
15:30:00 Watch changing guards on Deoksugung Palace
Entrance to Deoksugung Palace 1000
16:00:00 Walking tour Jeong-dong
18:00:00 Train from City Hall to Seoul Station 1150
18:30:00 Explore Seoul Station
19:00:00 Train from Seoul Station Samgakji 1150
19:30:00 Transfer Samgakji to Itaewon
Dinner at Itaewon 10000
21:00:00 Train from Itaewon to Yaksu 1150
Transfer from Yaksu to Euiljiro-3-ga
21:30:00 Walk back to Hotel



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