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[SummerSeoul] South Korea Trip – Day 3

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Day 3 – City Hall-Deoksugung Palace-Seoul Art Museum-Yongsan-War Memorial-Dongdaemun

  • We tried Hotel Sutton’s buffet breakfast at the hotel restaurant – Watermark. I ate lots of fruits and beef and rice. Yummy!
  • First stop for the day was Seoul City Hall, where we just tool a few pictures.
figuring out the station map :)

figuring out the station map 🙂

pretty flowers around Seoul City Hall

pretty flowers around Seoul City Hall


some koreans were rehearsing the famous Genetleman craze, and these are the props

some Koreans were rehearsing the famous Gentleman dance craze, and these are the props

  • We watched the Changing of Guards outside Deoksugung Palace. We wore hanbok for free! Took at lot of pictures with the guards 🙂







  • Explored Deoksugung Palace. The place is a bit huge, we took a lot of pics before going out for lunch.





  • Ate lunch at Myeongdong Noodle Bar just outside the palace. I had super super spicy pork topped in rice! Sizzling hot 😦 Fortunately, Jaycee was willing to eat it instead [for me], since food must not be wasted. Chino got cold soybean noodles.
  • Dessert at Dunkin Donuts!
  • Went to Seoul Museum of Arts just across the palace.


  • We took the subway to go to Yongsan station.

resting while waiting for Seoul’s efficient train–super tired from walking

  • Explored the iPark mall. Lotsa cameras! Kakahilo and overwhelming.
  • Jaycee and Chino checked out Microsoft’s Surface exhibit while I rested and window-shopped.
  • Walked to the subway to Samgakji.
  • Because we were so hungry and tired, we bought potato chips, rice ball (pork) and cherry coke at a restaurant near War Memorial.
  • War Memorial of Korea. Closes at 18:00 so we had too little time, only 15minutes inside :(( Sayang, the memorial building looks so interesting! Picture-taking outside with the war artifacts –planes, tanks, war ship and artilleries. We even met Filipinos working at Korea while taking pictures at the monument.



Philippine flag, as ally of Korea during the war



  • From Sinyongsan station, subway to Dongdaemun.
  • Ate dinner at a Korean restaurant in Dongdaemun. It’s a treat from Chino! Pork belly, salad (lotsa veggies), and chapchae. All delicious! Burp!
  • Walked around Dongdaemun. Shopped at Migliore mall for a few clothes.
  • We took then the subway going to Jongno-sam gu station. Back to the hotel at 23:00 🙂 Whew, what a long day!



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