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[SummerSeoul] South Korea Trip – Day 5

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Day 5 – COEX-Bonguensa Temple-Gangnam-Banpo Han River-Dongdaemun

  • We had breakfast at Peggy Pie just near the Sutton Hotel. I had sandwich, cookie, and a taste of apple pie.
  • We took the subway to Samseong Station.
  • Explored COEX.  We saw an environment exhibit, and registered in it. We learned environmental strategies from different countries 🙂
  • Went to Bonguensa Temple just across COEX.
very old lady praying/worhipping at the foot of the buddha

very old lady praying/worshipping at the foot of the buddha


Jaycee and the big buddha


pink candles at the temple

  • We took the subway going to Gangnam station. We walked to Samsung Hub. I was so excited to look for peripherals for my Samsung Galaxy S4 phone! Jaycee and Chino are excited as well to explore the hub for past and future Samsung technologies.
  • We had lunch at KFC just outside Samsung building, since we could not find a restaurant that has english menu around the area.
  • Finally, we explored D’light Samsung exhibit. It was so interesting! I even got a video of myself dancing and acting :p
Samsung D'light at the 2nd floor

Samsung D’light at the 2nd floor


one of the panels illustrating technology evolution of mobile communications

taken from one of the big Samsung TV screens..unbelievable HD! :)

taken from one of the big Samsung TV screens..unbelievable HD! 🙂


Jaycee at the Information booth


HD defined :)

HD defined 🙂

Jaycee enjoying the exhibit

Jaycee enjoying the exhibit


  • We left and took the subway to Hangol. It was rainy [and very cold] when we arrived at Banpo Han River.
  • Since it rained so hard, we were not sure if the rainbow show will push through at 8PM 😦 It was just 6PM, so after resting near the shaded area on the riverside, we decided to look for a taxi to go home. We met fellow Filipinos, Peter and Marshall, who works at Seoul. We decided to walk with them to the area where we can look for a cab, and tell stories as well 🙂

[cold and rainy] here at Banpo Han Riverside, we intended to stay and wait for the rainbow show. the very very fine rain in Seoul is not visible in the picture.


  • We took a cab and went to Dongdaemun. We had a Japanese dinner around the area.

i bought a pink cute umbrella at Dondaemun sidewalk since it was still raining we arrived there. Chino was questiong us why buy there and not at Mark and Spencers. Oh, uhm, because we’re getting wet already? :p


[outside the closed Lotte mall] figuring out where we can eat dinner


my Katsudon dinner

  • After going around for a little while, we went home around 10PM.




Day 6 (June 12)  –


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