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Soon you may not have to pretend to turn off your iPad before take off


It’s looking very possible that the total ban on using electronic devices during take-off and landing on commercial flights may soon be coming to an end. The FAA has a draft report that calls for easing up on these restrictions when it comes to tablets and e-readers, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The move should at least partly put an end to the ritual where flight attendants have to nag passengers to put away their devices before take-off and right before landing only to have passengers then pretend to do so.

After all, it’s not a secret that few people actually follow the rules. As the WSJ wrote:

The experts who wrote the draft referred to recent industry research showing that nearly one-third of passengers reported that, at least once, they accidentally left some device on throughout a flight.

Yes, “accidentally” — or out of sheer laziness and/or…

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