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[kawaii and cool tokyo] day2

Tokyo Trip 2013
Day 1: Tokyo Station – Ginza

Day 2: Shibuya – Harakuju – Shinjuku

We woke up very late (8am we’re still in bed!). It is “bed weather” that morning, and if not for the limited time we have in Tokyo, I would rather stay in our cozy room and sleep, hehe.

I wasn’t feeling well that morning, and had fever. DO: Make sure to bring medicines since it is hard to understand the Japanese labels, more so buying in a drugstore. I always make sure I have complete medicine kit, which saved me from that fever threat.

  • Since we went out late, we missed the chance to look for the church (10am service), which is the first item in our itinerary. Sayang, we were looking forward to finding this pa naman.
  • We bought Suica reloadable cards for ¥2,000 each (¥1500 consumable, ¥500 deposit)
  • We took a train going to Shibuya. It was raining hard and it was so cold 😦 DO: Make sure to wear leg warmers if you easily get cold (like me)!


Shibuya Crossing on a rainy day

Shibuya Crossing on a rainy day


Shibuya is a famous fashion shopping district in Tokyo.Just across the train station is the very popular Shibuya Crossing, which is a famous spot because of its five-crossing lanes. We crossed the street for the sake of experiencing it 🙂 Top view of the crossing, you can see a sea of umbrellas moving. Quiet a different view instead of the normal sea of people.


experiencing Shibuya Crossing, with payong! 🙂


Near the Hachiko exit of Shibuya station is Hachiko’s statue. We took pictures with Hachiko, with umbrellas and rain coats on since it is still raining.


We had our breakfast at a restaurant-vendo at Shibuya, since we didn’t have breakfast yet. I had Katsudon, which is surprisingly tasty.

I would have enjoyed Shibuya for window shopping, but it was raining! I even had a hard time taking pictures due to the cold and rain, and so after a few minutes, we decided to leave 😦 TIP: It helped that we had lightweight raincoats on.

We walked around Harajuku area, and amidst the rain and not feeling well, I managed to insert a moment of shopping–i bought a handbag on sale 🙂

We made sure to go to Daiso (100yen shop) which is my favorite place ever in Japan. I bought little items here before we continued to walk. No pictures here because we were busy shopping, haha. I got very “trivial” kawaii things like pet hair brush for our dog, polka-dotted ballpen, bathroom hair filter, nori, etc. See what i mean by “trivial”? =))

Later, we stopped at Starbucks to rest and eat had warm coffee and pastry.



planning where to go next


After resting, we took the subway to Shinjuku. This is a shopping district. We learned later that Shinjuku station is the busiest and most crowded train station in Tokyo.

We went to BIC Camera (my favorite electronic outlet!) and Uniqlo at Odakyu Department Store 🙂 DO: Look for electronics an gadgets here at BIC Camera. It is sooooo complete! We bought here our Ipad Mini keyboards. We spent the rest of the day here shopping and window shopping.

outside BIC Camera and Odakyu Depatment Store

outside BIC Camera and Odakyu Depatment Store

at my favorite: Uniqlo-- Tokyo version :)

at my favorite: Uniqlo– Tokyo version 🙂

enjoying free massage at the demo units at BIC Camera. i love it, I almost slept =))

enjoying free massage at the demo units at BIC Camera. i love it, I almost slept =))

We had dinner at one of the restaurants at Shinjuku station, where Jaycee had a very delicious mackerel dinner 🙂

mackerel for dinner! pinasosyal na sardines in can =))

mackerel for dinner! pinasosyal na sardines in can =))

night shot..can't get enough of BIC Camera, haha

night shot..can’t get enough of BIC Camera, haha

We stopped by at Tomod’s grocery near our hotel to buy water and midnight snacks (we ate a lot!).

It was generally a challenging day to the rain and cold, and so we hoped for a better weather the next day.


Later at night, we learned from the Japanese TV (while resting in our hotel room) that there is an approaching typhoon in Tokyo. It really made me worried (where do we get help? do we need to extend? etc), but Jaycee kept telling me that our God will protect us (He did!).

We prayed for Tokyo together, especially that we saw in the news the destruction from a landslide in one of the islands of Japan just few days before 😦


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