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human beings are noodle beings

Time is life. Human beings are noodle beings.Momofuku Ando, Inventor of Cup Noodles

We recently visited Yokohama, Japan and went to Cup Noodles Museum.

The experience was above and beyond fun! We certainly enjoyed creating our own personalized cup noodles, where my creativity was required. But more than the fun was a timely reminder for the not-so-child anymore like us to pursue our passion. It was an inspiring experience—knowing what Momofuko Ando was thinking (and be able to invent a cup noodle!). It was presented very creatively in the museum, and I so love it 🙂

Too many ideas were in my mind while going around the museum, when I found the summary of these ideas in a plastic bag of a souvenir that I bought there.

Momofuku Ando indeed left a legacy beyond his time. Enjoy! 🙂
cup noodles


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