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sacrifice and assumptions


There was a couple married for 60 years. Every day, during breakfast [in their 60 years of marriage], the wife would always give the burnt part of their pandesal bread, and eat the soft part.

One day, the husband snapped. Why would the wife always give him the burnt part and eat the good part of the bread??  He confronted the wife and told her that love is not like that–always taking the best part.

The wife silently cried while listening to this revelation from his husband. Then she spoke–“I always gave you the burnt part everyday for 60 years, because I’m giving you my favorite part of the bread. I’ve sacrificed for you my favorite part everyday, and ate my least favorite because I thought you enjoyed it too.

Awww. They could have been more open to each other and told their favorites to each other =)

Essentially, sacrificing is not about how big you are willing to give, it’s about the needs of the person you are sacrificing for.


2 Comments on sacrifice and assumptions

  1. friarfrancis // November 9, 2013 at 2:43 pm // Reply

    I like this!To sacrifice means to know someone intimately. Or at the very least, the desire to do so.


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