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Last week, the Philippines was hit by super typhoon Yolanda. It hurt the country so much that right now all efforts are focused on helping the thousands of survivors in the affected areas. We donate, we send help and rescue operations, we help packing relief goods, we pray.


I’m probably mad to be thinking I can help in reaching out to thousands of lives affected by typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines.

I’m probably mad for hoping that the seemingly futile efforts could give a spark of hope for the thousands of hungry, homeless, dazed, and desperate people affected by the typhoon.

I’m probably mad to know that I’m doing something that could make a difference.


But sometimes madness is what it takes to go out of my comfort zone and care and reach out.

I cannot underestimate the great power of God working through ordinary people like me to reach out to those thousands in need right now, even in smallest ways. Like giving some clothes and towels and blankets for them. Like contributing and donating money for their food. Like praying for hope for them.

I am probably MAD. But I don’t care. I hope that I am Making A Difference.

Are you MAD, too?


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