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[kawaii and cool tokyo] day 4


Tokyo Trip 2013
Day 1: Tokyo Station – Ginza
Day 2: Shibuya – Harakuju – Shinjuku
Day 3: Yokohama – Cup Noodles Museum
Day 3 (Part2): Yokohama Port – The Red Brick House


Day 4 –  Mt. Fuji – Hakone


  • We woke up early and tried the buffet breakfast at our hotel, Fresa Inn (¥600). They served sausage, salad, bread, cereals, and coffee.
  • Before our trip, we booked Mt. Fuji tour online. It was cloudy, but we were really hoping to see Mt. Fuji. Crossing our fingers! 🙂
  • We were fetched at a big hotel by the bus transfer from our package tour. Jaycee chose to meet up with the transfer guide just around Ningyocho (which is a few blocks only from our hotel).
  • At exactly 9am, we were boarded to a bus off to Mt. Fuji (120minutes away from Tokyo). The bus was full of tourists from different nationalities. There were Chinese, Germans, Americans, and of course Japanese and us and another small group of Filipinos.
  • ITINERARY – Mt. Fuji-Hakone with Lunch, Return via Motorcoach (¥13,000 per adult, Tour Code: TYO-O-F880). Our tour package was booked online via Sunrise Tours –
  • [9am – arrived at Hamamatsucho Bus Terminal]
  • [Travel by bus via Chuo Expressway – 120minutes] It was a comfortable bus ride with the english-speaking tour guide (Hiro) constantly explaining things to us. I slept most of the trip.
  • [Fuji Visitor Center – 20minutes] Took few pictures here and bought water for the rest of the trip.
  • [Mt. Fuji 5th Station – 30minutes] – We were so excited, but it was too foggy that we didn’t get to see Mt. Fuji 😦
Everything was foggy, and sometimes it was zero visibility!

Everything was foggy, and sometimes it was zero visibility!

it was really really cold, but i wanted to take pictures :)

it was really really cold, but i wanted to take pictures 🙂

Of course, we had to make the most of the moment instead of sulking for not being able to see even a glimpse of Mt. Fuji, so Jaycee and I just enjoyed taking a lot of pictures with yellow autumn leaves! 🙂
Our tour guide explained to us that when it is the climbing season (July to September), people and tourists would climb up overnight to see the sunrise while at the top of the mountain. I wonder when I will be able to do that 🙂
Here are more pictures (apologies for the’s our self-consolation for not seeing Mt. Fuji):
  • [Japanese Lunch] We had 9-course lunch, which I didn’t eat everything (some were veggies). Before lunchtime, we were asked if we want a regular lunch, or vegetarian lunch. Jaycee and I both chose regular lunch. At the restaurant, we were seated next to an old couple from Germany, who were on a two-week vacation in Japan.
  • [Travel to Hakone via bus – 80minutes]


  • [Mt. Komagatake Ropeway – 16minutes] Cable car ride..with zero visibility!

Supposedly, we will see during the ride views of Mt. Fuji and Lake Ashi below. But since it was really foggy, we only saw some parts of the lake and canopy of trees below. There were moments when we couldn’t see anything!

  • [Hakone Lake Ashi Cruise – 15minutes] We were the only people in the boat, so we can take pictures freely 🙂 So cold!

Lake Ashi is 9km in circumference, and was formed with the violent explosion of the volcano Mt. Hakone in prehistoric times. On clear days (which was NOT our visit), visitors can admire views of Mt. Fuji on the other side of the lake.

ringing the bell to make my wish come true :)

ringing the bell to make my wish come true 🙂

drinking warm coffee from the vendo before boarding the bus again

drinking warm coffee from the vendo before boarding the bus again

  • [Return to Tokyo via Motorcoach] We alighted at Ginza at around 7PM, and took the train to go back to our hotel.
  • [Dinner] We had our dinner in one of the Japanese restaurants in Ningyocho near our hotel.

Although we didn’t see Mt. Fuji, it was still a memorable day. On a brighter note, we have now another reason to go back! 🙂


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