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Boracay Trip 2014

I cannot remember how many times I’ve been in Boracay, but this trip is my longest stay so far (6Days and 5Nights).

And when you go to Boracay, detailed itinerary is not really necessary, unless you’re going with a big group. Enjoying the Sun, Sand, and the Sea is enough to have that perfect vacation and break that you’ve been dreaming about.



Travel Date: February 6-12 (nearing summer in the Philippines)

Accommodations: MR Holidays, Station 1

This hotel was chosen primarily because:
– I want the relatively relaxing environment at Station 1;
– I want beach front accommodations where I can swim anytime I want;
– I want good and clean hotel restroom (which by the way, is really one of the best restrooms I experienced in far. note: i call this ‘kaartehan’, making this criteria a big deal).

The hotel is “squeezed in” between the high profile hotels in Station 1 like Seawind, Friday’s, Discovery Shores, and other hotels.

I enjoyed my stay in MR Holidays, most especially because of the friendly and helpful staff. I was very amused when one night, our aircon stopped functioning and we reported to them. After verifying that it was indeed busted, I actually expected to be transferred to another room. After a few minutes, we were informed that the aircon unit will be replaced in just a few minutes (note: while we watched the replacement action from the bed). Haha, it felt like aircons are disposables =)) After around 10minutes, the room was cold again. Good job, guys! 🙂

The hotel is quite a long walk though, going to Station 2. It’s about 5-10minutes walk going to the main road be able to ride a tricycle (if you don’t want to walk).

Contact Details:

Telefax: +63(36) – 2885360
Mobile No: (0922) – 8111959
Mobile No: (0906) – 4536162



Since we are not really first-timers in Boracay, we opted to do skip the usual island hopping, snorkeling, and many other activities. Instead, a very relaxed, laid-back, and stress-free schedule prevailed.

Alloted one morning to go to Puka Beach (our first time to go there)



Tried Stand-up Paddling twice during sunset (our first time also)

It's supposed to be stand up...oh well :p

It’s supposed to be stand up…oh well :p

it took a while before we actually learned how to enjoy it :)

it took a while before we actually learned how to enjoy it 🙂

Enjoyed the sunrise and the beach early morning (we did crazy things like trying Yoga poses and gym exercises)

Swam every morning (after breakfast) and during sunset



Avoided the sun and do whatever relaxes us (me reading a book or sleeping, Jaycee playing games or watching TV or sleeping too)


sometimes i read in the beach! :)

sometimes i read in the beach! 🙂

Having a looooong walk at night to Station 2 or 3 to have our dinner




Pictures here and there

Food Budget

Due to our consecutive trips, I set a budget for our meals (php150 for lunch, php150dinner, php100 for morning snacks, and php100 for afternoon snacks).

Our breakfast is included in the hotel accommodations. So that would be php500 per person per day.

But it turns out that this is not enough! Either we just spent too much on food (we love eating!), or it’s really that expensive to eat in Boracay. I guess it’s both. Next time, I’ll have to increase the budget for food 😉

We spent food here:

– Chips, Cookies, Chichiria from the grocery

Jonah’s Milk Shake (tried these flavors: Choco Banana Peanut, Melon, Choco Banana, Mocha)

– Snack and Dinner at Kasbah, a Moroccan Restaurant near our hotel (must try: hummus, house-blend iced tea, and the lamb chop entrée that I forgot the name)

– Dinner at Mesa (loved: 2-way laing, Pomelo salad)

Mesa Dinner

– Dinner at Hap Chan

– Lunch at Andok’s (I was bugging Jaycee that we eat here, haha)

– Lunch at Gloria’s kitchen (where our breakfasts were served)

– Dinner at Jonah’s (haha yes, we had dinner here)


After all that eating, relaxing, swimming, enjoying the sun, and the friendly atmosphere with the Aklanons, what visibly remains are my tan lines.

And everybody now is noticing it in the office — ‘nangitim ka’. To which I can only smile back, because this is one nice evidence of the relaxing and carefree Boracay vacation we had.

And maybe I know better.

The tan lines will eventually fade, but the good travel memories will not =)
Happy Traveling,



3 Comments on Boracay Trip 2014

  1. Great post! Very informative. Reading this while waiting for my delayed flight to Caticlan. 🙂


  2. Really Nice post! While reading this post I remember my stay in Boracay! It was so amazing! Magical Sunset! Delicious food! Land and water activities, and oh, how can I forgot the night Life 🙂 .. and end the day with a peaceful and relaxing place will complete your stay.. I stayed at The Orient Beach Boracay and really had a great stay.. Plus the Awesome Breakfast! Delicious!.. haha you gotta check it out guys! Cant wait for my next visit..


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