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a thousand words

getting sick gave me time for other things i wouldn’t do under normal circumstances. one of these is watching TV excessively 🙂

skipping through channels, i stumbled upon a movie in HBO– A Thousand Words.

A Thousand Words

the movie is about the life of a very talkative man, who by some sort of mystery, discovered that he had only a thousand words worth of life left. his life was tied up with a tree in his backyard whose leaves represented the thousand words left for him.

and for every word that he says (or even write!), a leaf would fell, and the tree nears its death, therefore nearing his death as well.

it got me thinking how powerful words are in people’s lives.

isn’t it great that we can say all have the words we have to say?

we can even say the words need NOT to be said.

and with having billion words that can be said is a responsibility of always choosing to say words that heal, and not words that hurt.


really, what words will you say if you only have a thousand words left? is it i’m sorry? or i love you? or i miss you?

for that talkative man, the last 3 leaves were for the words “i forgive you“.





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