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late bloomer: biking in my 30’s

And so i just have to include this in my bucket list–to learn how to ride a bicycle.

So why just now in my 30-something age?

Because of my travels, I did realize how it would have been fun to know how to ride a bike, and how I could have an alternative in walking when traveling. In the Philippines, biking has become practical. Recently, the government provisioned parking areas in EDSA.

What prompted me to prioritize this is our upcoming trip to Japan this weekend. I imagined it would be so fun if I could bike around Kyoto and most of the beautiful parks there!

And so I had the plan in my mind: buy a bike, and work it, work it hard to learn.

Buy a Bike

Where: Cartimar Shopping Center, Pasay City

This is a famous venue for pet stores (cats, dogs, etc.), accessories, pet food at negotiable prices. There are also bike stores, where we went.

First Bike

It could have been pink, but since I’m not sure how soon I will be able to learn and actually use it, I decided for a neutral yellow color so that Jaycee, my “teacher” in biking, will use it :p

Foldable Bike
Because I live in a condo, and don’t have the luxury of space, I decided to get a foldable bike. It’s a bit heavy though, since i just chose a relatively cheap bike (I’m anticipating it would get into bumps from my first-time practices).

It cost Php4,500, which was relatively cheaper for a foldable bike. Prior to Cartimar, we tried searching malls but it was mostly expensive especially the foldable ones.

ย First Time Ride

We decided it’s best for me to practice first in a park. So we went directly to Legaspi Park in Makati (coming from Cartimar).

And so my journey began. I was so afraid I might fall, and after almost 2 hours, still no progress.

I swear I wished I tried that when I was younger, because kids are more brave, right? Side note: if you’re a parent who happens to read this, don’t wait for 30years+ before exposing your kids to bicycles. Teach them while they’re young, and it would a lot easier (I think) ๐Ÿ™‚

And then suddenly, the kids nearby watching me (for almost too hours, too) shouted to me “ate, tingin ka sa malayo!” (translation: “look far ahead”). I was so embarrased that the kids were actually teaching me how to do it!

I tried, and tried. I tried to brave, and let go of the fear. I realized I just have to work it out with the pedal! It’s just that simple. I realized also that my bike has brakes for reason, haha. It will keep me safe, and gives me a sense of control.

And then I was doing it! Yey!




at the parking :)

at the parking ๐Ÿ™‚

As of this post, I had my second practice yesterday. This time, we focused on me learning how to bike in sidewalks and actual streets (oh, how I dread doing it with cars and people all around).

But I promise, I will get there.

And I will ride a bike in Kyoto. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Happy Cycling,



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