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Hillsong in Manila 2014

That concert was nothing, not a show at all. The lights, the stage, the monopods (spell: selfies), and cameras were all nothing. Hillsong said it so during the concert.

Indeed, everything was nothing at that moment. Because unlike usual concerts and performance, we did not cheer for the singers and the performers. Yup,  it was not about the glitter and the glamour.

That night was about prayer and Jesus. And this very reason made this concert worth it for the hundreds who went to Smart Araneta Coliseum to join the concert.

Last June 13, I got to see Hillsong here in Manila. I’ve been listening to them since I was in high school, and I just have to be there!

Right in front of the stage, we sang worship songs with them. It was awesome!

Here are few pictures that I took from my smartphone in between the singing and dancing. Indeed, Manila was blessed to have witnessed that concert 🙂

As one of the Hillsong singers put it: astig!

Favorite Songs in the Concert

1. Mighty to Save
2. Oceans
3. Hosanna
4. One Way
5. Love is War











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