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Japan Trip ’14: Two Wheels and Third Time’s Charm

They say third time is a charm. That is to be lucky, or swerte–as we put it in Philippines.

Indeed, returning in Japan for the third time was not coincidence, it was deciding again to experience Japan, but this time in a slower pace. We planned to go beyond the overview, taking not just a peek or a glance, but rather zooming in and taking it in as much as we can.



Third time, and we knew better. Now we had our preferences, our picks, knew the difference between the good stuff and the we-were-not-so-sure stuff.

And so, off we go to our third time. In two wheels, and most of the time in our two feet, we repeated and we re-discovered Osaka and Tokyo.

Nonetheless, third time was not still picture perfect. But I cannot ask for otherwise, because those imperfections made the trip more fun and more real, and yes–more Japanese 😉

Arigatou Gozaimasu, Japan!


Itinerary Summary –  Japan Trip 2014 (Spring)





2 Comments on Japan Trip ’14: Two Wheels and Third Time’s Charm

  1. I’m a little jealous…I haven’t been to Japan even once! 🙂 Best of luck to you and happy travels!


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