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Smart Life: Isang Dekada

I remember my first week at work in Smart, I wrote this email addressed to my friends:



That email was 10 years ago.

In between was a decade-worth of pictures, memories, and words—happy, sad, frustrating, fun, tears, smiles, reports, documents, meetings, templates, processes, tools, systems, platforms, reference data, presentations, outings, travels, friendships, and love.

And now that I am down to my last day in the company, I just feel grateful for this home where I literally grew up for ten years. Dito na ako nag-dalaga! 🙂

I would always want to remember my Simply Amazing and Live More experiences in Smart. So, here are random and bits of pieces of the ten years that prepared me to fearlessly explore another world very soon. At dahil ten years worth of pictures Ito, di ko na mailalagay lahat! 🙂


BPA Team, Mainstream Team, IN Team

I realized I’ve never been a boss in Smart, but (hopefully) I had become a leader to the boys and girls who had let me lead them. More than them learning from me, I learned more from them. Because of these people, I also grew as a Business Analyst, as Parameter Analyst, and as supervisor.

For all of you, thank you for allowing me lead you. Leading a team throughout the years was one of my best experiences in Smart 🙂

[My cool GSM Mainstream Team who delivered for Buddy, TNT, CLMs: Allan, JC, Glacey, Geoff, Camille, JD, Claudine, Faye]


 [My BPA team, I got them as babies and now they are all proudly “grown-ups”: Donn, Rex, Janna, Nori, Jen, Joey, Szasza, Ingrid ]


To my BPA Team, the BPA days together were the most challenging and dugo’t-pawis days in Smart, but I can say that reference data experience really helped me grow as a person. In fact, I think we already made it, even if everything is still work in progress now. 🙂 Thank you. Keep up the good job!

Smart Leaders

Kung ano ang puno, siya ring bunga. That’s why I am forever thankful to have been blessed with good leaders ever since I joined the company. I grew up in my career life knowing what to do as I have good mentors. To all of them, thank you. 🙂

Read To Be Smart

Every Saturday for several years in Smart, I’ve been with my fellow volunteers in partner schools to teach kids and be an ‘ate’ who teaches how to read, sing, dance, and pray.

I hope Smart continues its community service to be able to touch more lives and give back to the world. 🙂

 [my Smart life was partly inspired by the kids I meet every Saturday]


 [teaching at the Evacuation Center for Ondoy victims to help in kids’ trauma rehab was one memorable experience]


There was a time when badminton was really a hit, and we were really into it! Haha. Thank you Smart for the free badminton courts, and for the tournaments where I won medals and trophies (whether people would believe it or not, haha!).

 [thank you badminton buddies!]


[always wins in tournaments, yeahboi. thank you for the medals, trophies, and bragging rights! haha!]


Smart Birthdays

Every year, officemates make an effort to greet you in your birthday—sometimes a surprise, sometimes kunwaring surprise. But surprise or not, it never fails to brighten up the celebrant’s day 🙂


There was one year when officemates all did Coke poses as birthday greeting for me, since I was really into Coke that time. Cute and thoughtful birthday gift! 🙂

It was in Smart that I decided to spend some of my birthdays in hospitals with cancer kids (UST, PGH, Children’s Hospital) and home for the aged (Golden Acres).

[Celebration of Life: Birthdays in hospitals with the help of officemates!]

jollibee birthday

With the help of my Smart officemates, I was able to share the blessings at work, and we were able to raise funds for food, medicines, and a little for party celebrations. I experienced singing and dancing and doing birthday speeches to cancer patients and the elderly. Those were my best birthdays!


Smartees are fond of travels. And here, I found the joy of going to places with people I work with. Naging hobby na ang pag share ng itinerary!



Captured Moments

It was in Smart that I found friends who are into photography, so I got to love it too. I enrolled in weekend photography classes, and started taking pictures here and there. Good thing I learned it because it is amusing to see every now and then the memories captured in pictures, and it complimented my blogging 😉

Officemates-Turned-Friends, Friendship

At Smart, most of the people I’ve worked with has become my good friends, and it’s one thing that money can’t measure up. 🙂

Leaving Smart is one opportunity to say thank you to all of my officemates-turned-friends. The best part is, I won’t have to say good bye as I leave the company because I know we’ll be keeping in touch again. 🙂

 [Da Berks Lunchmates]

 [Wacky Inday Crew]

My This Is It and ” go to” friends, Sah and Nic (and naging friends ko na plus one’s nila) 🙂

[RTBS Family]

[Rocky’s Angels]

 RDB's BRAD babies :)

RDB’s BRAD babies 🙂

[Officemates-Turned-Friends Pictures]

 Teambuildings, Office Events

I’ll miss the team buildings and office parties, some of it I myself has helped organized. It was a good time to spend time with officemates outside of work. 🙂

[Networks BAs Teambuilding]


[Orange Team at BAs Teambuilding]

 [BAs Bowling]

  [Runs and Marathons]

 [Easter Egg Painting Contest, organizers kami at ito ang teaser ko haha!]


 [Holloween Decoration Themed Parties, nag-Harry Potter minsan]

 [Smart Mountaineering Invitaional Climb. Umakyat ng bundok!]

[SMART Tree Planting Events]

 [Sariling-Sikap na baby Showers]


 [Seatmates Christmas Party that I organized to feel the Xmas sprirt haha]


Smart Life Crazy Pics 

All work and no craziness can be dull. Thanks to all of these weird things that I did with office mates (unintentionally or intentionally), office life became more fun and interesting. 🙂

[One day, they gave me this cardboard with all around greetings – happy bday, happy holidays, good bye, etc. Haha.]


 [deciding for our poses during an office outing- TCP]


  [tawa lang]



[tawa ulit]


  [Teaser for one of our competitive teambuildings, haha]


 [teaser of one of Inday Crew’s productions]

Inday Crew

Inday Crew

 [wala na maisip na pose]



Because I know one way or another, we found love even at work. After all, beyond the reports, files, and meetings, love is all that matters. 🙂



And the pictures and memories and my journal/blog for the ten years could go on and on.

How can I ever say a decade-worth of thank you’s?

To all who have been part of my these memories, thank you. All the unique moments with you will have no exact Take 2’s again, and I am glad that we had it the good way, well enough to be worth capturing for our life timelines.

And thank you, Smart, for giving me the best opportunity to smile and grow here 🙂

Isang dekadang Smart life—what can I say? It was a blessing I am grateful for. Simply amazing!

 [my profile when we were asked to submit for work directory]



See you around,





P.S: Going back to the email  above, I was definitely wrong! First, Smartees are fond of eating. In fact, I gained weight much here, haha. Second, Smartees are not all demure. Akala ko lang pala yun :p


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  1. Hi Ms. Juk, 🙂 Sobrang nice na paglalahad ng isang dekada. 🙂 Thank you for sharing and inspiring. 🙂 God bless on your new endeavor! I will surely miss you kahit sandal lang tayo nagging mag seatmate. Thank you for the wisdom you shared. Definitely, you are someone to look up to as a person and as a leader. 🙂 Keep in touch!


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