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When In Manila: Sip, Paint, and Laugh


We found out about this place through a friend who went here to spend creative time with her family. We initially thought we are not creative enough, but for the sake of exploring new things and new places, we gave it a chance.

The Works

1. Book an appointment online via their website: We both didn’t have Paypal accounts at that time, and so we called them to check if we can just pay there and it was ok (as long as we make sure we show up for the appointment.

2. Be there before your actual scheduled time. It’s a bit far from Makati City, so we decided to do bi-modal commuting via MRT to Quezon Avenue, and a cab ride to Capitol Hills from Quezon Avenue.


3. Be creative and have fun!

We joined the family type session called “Beach Life”, wherein the class will have to do the same painting which is of course–a beach scene.

Since we arrived a little early, we have time to look around and enjoy the artsy ambiance of the studio. And, it was bit amusing to see JC (while we are waiting) becoming a bit nervous of doing the painting. I know though that he’s much more creative than my own hands and imagination.

The other participants came, and it was a mixed crowd, about four couples, group of friends, and kids with their parents–how cool is that, huh? πŸ™‚

We were assigned seats, where our canvasses and palettes and aprons are waiting. We were introduced to our session teacher who will guide us through the whole process of painting. And of course we did choose our drinks (coffee for me) and a plate of yummy finger-food appetizer.


It was so much fun mixing the colors, cleaning up our brushes, and slowly seeing our “beaches” come to life. Eventually we enjoyed the pace, and I started to put on my “i’m-a-cool-painter” face :p

First-timers and beginners need not to worry, as there are also other teachers roaming around to guide us. As for me, I needed help when I wanted to put in a cat logo in my surf board and asked one of the teachers to outline it for me (arte lang) Β πŸ™‚

Jaycee busy blending blue paint hues

What’s Cool

  • It’s art, and therapeutic. I got to use my other side of the brain.
  • It’s a different from usual bonding time. More alternatives to dates (aside from the usual eating together) is a welcome change!
  • I got to have a take home, personalized painting that I can fill in my walls at home.
  • The appetizer is yummy (ham, cheese, crackers, and a bit of grapes).
  • The overall experience is fun and memorable πŸ™‚

What’s Next?

Well, we went right after to a bookstore to scout for art materials. The ending is we’ve got a new hobby now.

Looking forward to be back here!



Proud of our finished paintings!


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