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last to be engaged

Oh my. This is really happening.

We’re finally getting married! 

And so I went to this whirlwind of tasks for the wedding preps. I have been blessed with the most understanding and caring and supportive soon-to-be hubby I could ever ask for (thank you God!). 

But what triggered this post actually is how I miss enjoying these stage with my girl friends.

Being one of the last to be married, I used to joke to all of them “babawian ko kayo when it’s my turn”. And that’s for ALL the not-so-flattering bridesmaid dress colors, or for making effort to the last details of their bridal showers (even in busiest work times), or for moving travel dates for their wedding! But I guess I couldn’t get the chance now, hmf. 

But seriously, it’s not actually the expectation of getting back any effort I did for all of them. What I did for them was all wholehearted being-there-for-my-friends-big-day effort, nothing else. 

So if not that, what I am musing about now? 

I can only imagine how much more fun to be experiencing these with my (girl) friends. After all, there are just some stuff that boys won’t understand (*wink*).

In the midst of the preps stress and all, I do enjoy the wedding preps to the nth level. I realized how giddy I am NOW with all these things, and I am really really happy and thankful to be here at this stage. And what I miss most now is not being able to go through this joy and excitement with them–who are now mostly busy housewives, or young moms who are all past-that-stage wedding again excitement, or singles who are also too busy to just spend time talking about non-sense stuff. 

So if I get the chance to have all their time, what would I say?

Maybe endless stories of how excited I am seeing myself walk down the aisle (finally!) to Jaycee.

Or what color do I wear during prep time.

Or maybe what will I probably say in my vows.

Or how the pictures will look like in the SDE.

Or how pretty the flowers of my entourage will be (because that’s my only splurge in this wedding!).

Or how it feels to be finally going home at the same house with Jaycee after the wedding.

Or the story of how we came up with our wedding rings.

Or how unique our souvenirs are.

Mostly non-sense details I guess, but are small things that can send butterflies in my imagination, or make my heart giddy.

And I apologize for my office lunch mates, because they’ve got no choice but to hear me out EVERYDAY about my wedding stories and updates 😛 I was actually touched when I was approached by a recently married acquaintance in the office, and that she really found time to talk about my wedding dress and booked a room just so we can watch their wedding AVP and just be giddy about all these stuff…and just be girls 🙂

But I couldn’t choose my turn in this stage of life. And so be it, last to get married– and see who will just be there on the wedding day.

And btw, I wanted to tell my girl friends too–that Jaycee is one of the best gift that has ever happened my life. And that’s enough even without the all these fuss on wedding preps. 



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