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  • 20131021_112035

    [kawaii and cool] tokyo trip 2013

    Kawaii in Japanese means cute, charming, lovely, and endearing. This is exactly how I found Tokyo during my second visit in Japan. It was another cool experience (literally, it was a colder [READ MORE]
  • long and winding steps

    Beijing Trip 2012 [Day 1]

    Locks of Love in Great Wall Day 1 , June 29 This officially marked our first day in Bejing. With just around 4 hours of sleep, we woke up on a drizzling Friday morning (yey, no work for today!). [READ MORE]
  • DSC_0191

    Boracay Trip 2014

    I cannot remember how many times I’ve been in Boracay, but this trip is my longest stay so far (6Days and 5Nights). And when you go to Boracay, detailed itinerary is not really necessary, unless [READ MORE]
  • 1-20120629_120213

    Beijing Trip 2012 [Day 0]

    Giant architectures. Thousand steps. Laughter. Discovery. Sign language. Scorching heat. Rain. Vegetarian food. Lots of crazy moments. Pictures. These are just some of the words to describe our [READ MORE]
  • P.S. Takoyaki!!! :)

    falling in love: autumn in Japan

    i fell in love one autumn! :) here’s sharing some of my favorite Japan notes particularly my why’s of luving it :) photo credits to Jaycee and his awesome digicam for some of the pics. :) [READ MORE]
  • DSC_0058-001

    [kawaii and cool tokyo] day3

    READ PREVIOUS: Tokyo Trip 2013 Day 1: Tokyo Station – Ginza Day 2: Shibuya – Harakuju – Shinjuku ________________________________ Day 3 – Yokohama Minatomirai – Sakuragicho [READ MORE]
  • [Ueno Park] what to do?

    Japan Trip 2014: People

    Travel opens my eyes to bigger and different worlds. But it also tells me that people are the same, and different at the same time! Here are snapshots from our recent Japan trip. We may have [READ MORE]
  • 20140423_110220

    amused first-timer in Japan

    I’ve been there, thrice. I’ve done the eating and going places and exploring for three succeeding yearly visits now. And still I wanna go back and experience it again like a first-timer. [READ MORE]

grandmas and necklaces

by juk in snapshots

I should be posting this in an Instagram community whose members share themed photos daily. That day’s theme was #SentiSaturday. But since I’m still thinking about making my IG account public, I’m posting here instead. This is my grandmother’s old necklace, which we did not [READ MORE]

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